React Developer (IT Operations sphere)

Company Background

Our client is a product company in silicon valley. Their product is an Operations Management Platform that uses machine learning and process automation to manage IT operations.


The platform is aimed an predictive analysis vs reactive. They use hybrid observability and machine learning to detect analogies and patterns to predict potential errors and outages and issue alerts.


For companies this offers a large advantage operationally. It increases uptime and provides an additional fail-safe to infrastructure models.

Project Description

The project will be to build and modify the Front End of the product. Building a functional and dynamic UI for operations centers to use. This project will work closely with our team that is working on the backend and the ML portion of the project.

What You'll Do
  • Researching, designing and implementing reusable, customizable next generation web and mobile components in ReactJS:- Evaluate available third-party solutions and determine whether it satisfies our need or we need to build our own- Design and implement components which can be reused across the product to reduce cost of development- Define customizable options for reusable components to extend their possible uses


  • Collaborating with offshore development team:- Perform code reviews for both local and offshore team o Provide assistance to offshore team as needed


  • Writing unit tests:
    – Write unit tests using Jest to ensure code quality and eliminate regressions for automated scenarios


  • Performing code reviews:
    – Review code for peers for quality and extensibility


  • Developing new ways of visualizing data and communicating information to end users:
    – Prototype with different visualization libraries such as d3, britecharts, highcharts, etc. o Implement new visualization using D3


  • Collaborating with Project Managers to clarify requirements:
    – Propose solutions to requirements based on in-depth knowledge of existing products and technological capabilities
Job Requirements
  • Expertise with building micro-frontends and module federation;
  •  Building scalable, responsive and complex web user interface (UI) applications;
  • Understanding of best practices guidelines to achieve optimum response time;
  • Staying abreast of technology to deliver state of the art web applications that take advantage of modern technologies;
  • Minimum bachelor’s degree in Web Design & New Media or a related design field;
  • Ability to deliver large-scale dashboards containing complex data visualization;
  •  Ability to deliver enterprise or commercial web-based applications;
  •  A love of tinkering with UI problems and devising the best ways to solve them;
  • Knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, AJAX and/or Java;
  • Experience with implementing web/mobile user interfaces using one or more UI frameworks such as React Vue.js, AngularJS or others;
  • Experience optimizing SPA for performance and scalability;
  • Experience implementing web-based dashboards utilizing one or more data visualization libraries (SVG or WebGL) such as D3.js,, JointJS, Cytoscape.js or others;
  •  Experience with server side implementations using JSP, Spring, Hibernate or Node.js;
What Do We Offer
  • 100+ technical and non-technical trainings to develop and expand your horizons;
  • Internal meetings and conferences (we like sharing our expertise);
  • English courses;
  • Free medical insurance;
  • Remote work option;
  • 15 sick days fully compensated;
  • Team sports activities,  and corporate events;
  • GYM compensation;
  • 18 business days of paid vacation.
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